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Biblical Reasons for Going to Church

Going to church is helpful to a Christian that wants to have a good walk with God. You should understand that it is not a must to go to church to prove you are a Christian but there are numerous benefits that you can get to encounter. Here you will be in a position to get more info on why it is important to go to church.

First, it is a commandment. Christians are supposed to go to church on Sabbath day since that was a commandment from the book of exodus 20:8-11 where it says Sabbath day should be kept holy.

Secondly, the church is perceived as a community where people learn from one another. When we go to church, we fulfill the words in Galatians 6:2 on bearing one another burdens where, people will offer support, encouragement, and more to each other for their growth.

You are the church and that is why you need to go to church. You need to be in the church to make it functional and active since Ephesians says we are the church.

Going enhances clarity. In life, you might be pressed and need some clarity on certain situations, and through going to church you will get more info about God and his mighty doings.

Jesus went to church ad it is important to emulate that since that is part of the Christian life. By going to church you learn on problem-solving. When it comes to solving problems, in the church you will get teachings from Matthew 18:20, and forgiveness is the key to solving conflicts.

You will be able to use your gifts well. You will be able to help others through your gift when in the church and that will be used for His glory. Going to church teaches children the right path to follow. Your child is supposed to have more info on what God can do, and that they will get from the church since you will teach them to go to church.

By going to church we get forgiveness of sins. God will not harden our hearts with sin as in Hebrews 3:12-13 and you can be forgiven and forgive others. In addition, we go to church for spiritual guidance since t is through there you can find a mentor to walk with you in your spiritual journey. We go to church in remembrance of Him. It is in the church that you can comfortably take part in Holy Communion which is a way of remembering Him and that will restore your faith in God.