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Information About World War 1

Most people lack basic knowledge about World War 1 despite the fact that there are plenty of books and documentaries that have been written about it. It is worrying to note that a large percentage of people do not know more about World War 1 since it was one of the fierce wars in the history of the human race. The estimated number of casualties and deaths during World War 1 were forty million and twenty million, respectively. Since studying all the details about World War 1 would take years, there are many facts and details that you would not find when you read the books.

The fact that the youngest British soldier to fight in the war was twelve years old is one of the details about World War 1 that you would not find when you read the books. Since fighting for the king and country was considered heroic, it was common to come across young men lying about their age for them to join the army during World War 1. During World War 1, more and more people joined the army since the general public was told that the war would be over by the end of the year, 1994. The time of the young twelve years soldier came to an end when his mother demanded he is sent home despite the fact that he had lied successfully into the army.

Another detail that you would not find when you read books and documentaries about World War 1 is the fact that most of the deaths were caused by diseases. Since there were poor conditions and congestion in the trenches, diseases were easily spread. Apart from poor conditions and congestions, people died because of diseases since there were no life saving medicine during the time. During World War 1, one of the diseases that killed a lot of people was Spanish flu. Since Spanish flu ended up becoming a pandemic long after the war was over, it was a deadly disease.

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